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Kaizen Life Quality Extension combines different schools of thought when building a personalized treatment plan. Our teams of world class scientists, doctors and researchers take into consideration each customer’s unique physical and emotional requirements and requests in the journey towards life quality extension. As part of the Kaizen community, and for those considering joining us, we present articles on an array of topics giving insight and information about different aspects of treatment plans. As state-of-the-art knowledge and information is incorporated into our ever-growing data bases, we share this with our community, enabling better understanding of the many facets of this process.


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Each of us is inherently different. Research shows that even twins that look identical may differ in terms of abilities and physical traits.  One may be better at sports, be healthier or live a longer life than the other.

With this knowledge in mind, we have initiated in Kaizen Life Quality Extension, our Personalized Consultation. This is the heart and core of Kaizen, our main and most prized product.