The Kaizen Story

kaizen life quality extension

Many years ago, during a lecture on the subject of law and medicine at Leicester University in England I realized that a change was taking place in the world. The lecturer spoke about the beginning of a new age, when in about 20 years (from then) it would be possible to dramatically extend our lifespan, and more important, to extend our quality of life.

That was the day that I understood that if the technology exists, someone will find a way to make it happen. The human desire to live will lead us to the point of what may be the pioneering discovery of all – life quality extension.

Only a few years ago, I was standing beside my grandfather in his last moments, seeing a man who had been through so much, who was trying so hard to stay alive, and failing. I remember how, when the doctor removed his watch, no one wanted to take it in their hands – no one wanted to come in contact with death. At that moment, just on the verge of starting my own family, I realized that my children would never know my grandfather and would never be able to enjoy his company and the stories that could enrich their lives.

That was the day I knew that in time I would take part and lead the journey towards life quality extension.

Best regards, Ohad Shachar Advocate. founder 

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen channels state of the art technology with cutting edge science which enables extremely personalized consultations that ensure life extension with the highest quality of life.


What do we do at Kaizen?

Our Vision

Welcome to the world of tomorrow, the era that will change the future of humanity. If we told you that you could not only extend your life span but also greatly improve your life quality, would it sound like science fiction?

Kaizen life quality extension takes you to the next level. Our expert counselors will help navigate your health with innovative technology, avant-garde medicine and vitamins proving to you that age is just a number.

Each person who joins us will be examined by top medical doctors utilizing the most advanced technologies to provide a tailor-made program specifically for your body, age and medical status.

Step by Step towards the NEW AGE. Kaizen Life Quality Extension.

A Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency.

The implementation is all about the way of life that directs its followers into taking small and constant steps towards perfection.”

Our Motivation

Kaizen is motivated

Researchers have shown us that life extension is possible. People can live longer and have quality of life.

At Kaizen, we are dedicated to share that opportunity with others.  This is our community, whose aim is to invest time, research and resources to develop and use technology and information to achieve this goal.

Not everyone is born with strong genes, on a remote island where most of the food is organic or at least unprocessed. In the modern world we would like to benefit from the knowledge attained from those who have succeeded in achieving life quality extension but not give up our lives, our careers and our comforts.

Kaizen is motivated to find the way for each person seeking life quality extension to achieve exactly that. For this reason we have formed the Kaizen community made up of world class doctors, scientists and researchers together with suppliers and customers to form a combined endeavor to research, develop and share the results over a prolonged period of time.

By sharing our knowledge with others, offering Personalized Consultation which leads to a state-of-the-art program, we hope to fulfill our customers’ dreams and turn life quality extension from a dream into reality.