Partners' Opportunity

At Kaizen, we believe in sharing ability and abundance. As our community grows, we have the opportunity of creating a combined endeavor, investing more in research as well as sharing the results over a long period of time. 

It is evident to us that science and research should, and must be the leading forces towards life quality extension. This is what we are striving for. This is our ultimate aim. The more awareness there is regarding life quality extension, and the more resources we invest in state-of-the-art research in this area, the sooner a breakthrough will occur.

In order to promote this endeavor, we are proud to introduce our 2.5% plan. We dedicate 2.5% of our income (above and beyond additional donations) specifically to relevant research in the field of life quality extension.

Our request from members of our community, as well as those counted among us as our suppliers and our customers, to dedicate with us, 2.5% of their income towards this cause.

Information on the focus of the research and the results will be, of course, readily accessible for all those participating in this program, and 100% of the funds will be used for these specific projects.


Please contact us to coordinate a conference call.


Part of the first stage of Personalized Consultations is examining and determining personal characteristics from blood tests, ECG tests and other relevant tests for each customer. This information is revealed in laboratories across the globe, chosen for their innovative approach to Life Quality Extension and the world class scientists and researchers who work out of these labs.

Consultation Experts

In addition to our expert teams of world class doctors, scientists and researchers, we consult, when necessary, with professionals who have expertise in a specific area required for a specific treatment.  Only by conferring with top class experts in the relevant fields, can we offer our customers the best, most appropriate treatment plan to ensure life quality extension.


Working with writers on a temporary and permanent basis, we are eager to make information, personal stories and global news accessible to the members of our community.  With original as well as translated material published on our web site, we strive to offer literature on a wide variety of subjects all in connection with Life Quality Extension.