Personalized Consultation

Custom-tailored to your needs


Diagnosis using medical tests in addition to written and oral questionnaires

The first stage of Kaizen’s personalized consultation is to get to know our customer, not only from a medical point of view. Understanding our customers’ motives, restrictions and limitations, along with medical conditions, allows us to find the most suitable treatment for each and every customer.


One-on-one consultation

Meeting in person with our customers when we have information provided by their questionnaires and medical tests enables us to address issues that have brought the customer to us. We are easily able to understand our customer’s needs and requirements to achieve life quality extension to our customers’ satisfaction.


Follow up to assess results and adjust treatment

Kaizen’s team of specialists follow each customer’s progress through treatment. At certain stages of the treatment process, this team holds consultations to ensure that the treatment process does indeed meet with the requirements and demand for each and every customer.

With our Personalized Consultation as the heart and core of Kaizen, as our most prized product, we utilize cutting edge technology to ensure that each treatment plan, and each stage of these plans, is individually suited to each customer.

Today’s technology allows us to gather relevant information and characteristics about our customers (with their full consent, of course) on a global level. This information is used to fine-tune a treatment plan suited to their individual way of life and daily habits.

This highly personalized level of treatment comes with a long term commitment and at a significant cost. With state-of-the-art technology at our fingertips and top of the scale treatments spread out around the globe, we have approval of the World Health Organization and work in coordination with world class doctors, scientists and researchers. The significant resources needed to channel all of this raw material into individual, personalized treatment plans as well as one-on-one consultations as needed, are one of the contributing factors for creating the Kaizen Community – a joint endeavor including customers from around the world together with our experts and suppliers.

This joint endeavor requires combined efforts with a long term connection. Each and every customer must decide how much they are willing to ‘play ball’ and cooperate in order to achieve the life quality extension that is within our reach. Those who find these terms suitable are welcome to continue on this journey with us.

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Gathering knowledge and information

The Kaizen Community collects and accumulates state-of-the-art knowledge and information regarding life quality extension. This knowledge, collected from world class scientists, doctors and researchers gives us the means of adapting treatments and processes to suit the individual needs of each customer.


Gathering specialists

The Kaizen Community is made up not only of customers and suppliers, but also of teams of specialists in fields related to age quality extension. These specialists include world class doctors, scientists, researchers as well as psychologists and para-medical experts who all work together to find individual solutions for each customer.


Combining and Matching

Kaizen utilizes cutting edge technology and science, and combines it with personal knowledge received from each customer to form a bank of resources which is for the benefit of our customers. This bank of resources gives us the ability to find original, personalized solutions that allow each and every customer to achieve life quality extension.

What is Personalized Consultation?

Because each and every one of us is essentially different, and in order to actually change our lives and extend our quality of life to reach life quality extension, we believe that every part of this process must be personalized.

The process starts, therefore, with a basic health questionnaire based in part on that of the World Health Organization, with the rest developed by Kaizen. Our experts will examine these questionnaires taking note of personal needs, requests and requirements. If needed, we will contact you with additional questions or conference calls in order to proceed to the next stage. During the consultation we make sure all your questions are answered regarding doctor patient confidentiality, programs Kaizen can offer, levels of consultation, to name just a few.

The first part of the next stage is personalized examinations and tests. These cover a wide range of issues and may be performed in different countries or continents. After concluding and summarizing the results and after additional interactions if necessary, we start the consultation.

The consultation is given by a forum of scientists, researchers, doctors and any other relevant advisor that is required. Together with our customer, this team of advisors will cover even the most minute details regarding medical health, emotional health and nutritional needs.

Our customer will then be given a personalized program for life extension, supplements, vitamins and hormones, as well as relevant physical activities and emotional support where appropriate. At this time our customer will receive prescriptions and letters of reference to fulfill the program, and, just as important, this process will be closely monitored by our expert team.

When Kaizen recommends a certain treatment to one of our customers, we coordinate a meeting or an appointment for treatment, and keep a tab on who is giving the treatment as well as the treatment that the customer actually gets. With the customer’s consent, the medical information is forwarded to our expert team, thus adding information so that we can keep track of our customer’s progress and provide more exact treatment in the future. There is a huge difference if a customer gets treatment independently or if they arrive with a recommendation from Kaizen – in price, in receiving the relevant treatment, who administers the treatment and the follow-up after the treatment. Kaizen, as part of the process, will make sure the process is smooth and all aspects taken care of.

After the first round of treatment, our customer’s progress is monitored and reassessed in preparation for the second, more intensive round of treatment.

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