LIfe Quality Extension

What is Kaizen?


After concluding the first round of our Personalized Consultation, our team of experts will be equipped with information to advise our customers which treatments will benefit them the most. During all treatments, Kaizen will coordinate the setting up of appointments and the follow-up meetings as necessary, as well as keeping track of information to supplement decisions made in the next stage of treatment.

Aging process rejuvenation


There is a specific course of treatment decided to be appropriate for certain customers after each stage of our Personalized Consultation. The decisions and conclusions will be explained to each customer in order to receive their full consent before planning and coordinating treatment in this area.


Our team of experts is made up of scientists, researchers and doctors. This team, after a Personalized Consultation with our customer, decides on a plan of treatment which is personalized for each customer. This includes an extremely wide range of treatments according to each customer’s needs, requirements and requests. These treatments can change during the different stages, as the customer’s progress and response to the treatment are monitored.

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise plays an important role in every health plan. A healthy body is a fit body. Our physical exercise plan for our customers is a personalized plan suited to each customer’s physical ability, taking into consideration their preferences and requirements. Our aim is to add pleasure and fun to the life quality extension program.

Nutritional Supplements

When examining the information attained through our Personalized Consultation, our team of experts will decide which nutritional supplements will be the most beneficial for our customer and how to include them in their nutritional program. The supplements are given to enhance each and every eating plan, while taking into consideration our customer’s lifestyle as well as geographical location during most of the year.


Along with physical activity, nutrition is one of the main factors when considering life quality extension. Our body will stay strong and vital as long as it is supplied with the fuel required to keep it going. The nutrition plan devised based on the Personalized Consultation takes into consideration the customer’s food sensitivities, as well as their likes and dislikes, and comes up with a nutrition plan that brings the customer’s body to peak condition.


Nutritional requirements for each person are more than of which foods to eat more and of which less. Certain food combinations might be beneficial and sometimes food prepared in a certain way has a positive effect on the body. The results of our Personalized Consultation guide our team of experts to the most effective nutritional program for each customer.


Our team of experts advising our customers and comprising and examining the Personalized Consultation is made up of world class scientists, researchers and doctors. Our teams invest much time and resources in research and developing state-of-the-art, personalized treatments for each and every customer. Kaizen sees itself as part of a community made up of these teams of experts, on the one hand, and the customers and suppliers, on the other hand. This community works together to pool time, expertise and resources to ensure development and improvement of life quality extension technology.


Get Personalized Consultation

Each of us is inherently different. Research shows that even twins that look identical may differ in terms of abilities and physical traits.  One may be better at sports, be healthier or live a longer life than the other.

With this knowledge in mind, we have initiated in Kaizen Life Quality Extension, our Personalized Consultation. This is the heart and core of Kaizen, our main and most prized product.